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Come on in, meet our crew

We take pride in using experts in their field for every service we provide.
We could do it all in house and be a jack of all trades, but when we know such
talented people, why would we?


We utilise the skills of trusted suppliers and consultants to bring you the best
possible results. Whether its copywriting or photography, our time
served team are here for you.


And don’t worry, we don’t charge you extra. In most cases you pay our team direct
and we can often save you money even with a fully managed umbrella service.

The Key Team

Creative Director

Lisa Thomason

With over 22 years industry experience, Lisa is our Creative Director and Project Manager. As our lead web designer she is responsible for the majority of our projects. Lisa has experience in all the service areas that Woo offers. Thus allowing her to manage all our projects, advise our clients and support our team members.  Lisa has a passion for design with product promotion at the heart of that.

Junior Designer

Julia Barker

Julia manages our day to day stuff. She also helps out with content writing, wordpress and SEO to make sure the message we put out is consistent across everything we do.


Wayne Myers

Wayne creates fantastic images for our clients websites and social. Products large and small, food, landscape and team photos can all benefit from the expert eye of Mr Myers.
Every business deserves great imagery.