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Boost your sales

Online shops are a an essential for any retailer trying to make a go of it
in todays competitive market.


It doesn’t matter if you are selling the same product as someone else or
if you have something unique, an online shop window is as important
as one on the high street.


We have two types of ecommerce solution. The first, WooCommerce (great name) is a bolt on system to a standard WordPress website. WooCommerce is a fantastic option for people that only have a small number of products to promote. As a bolt on, it can be added to your normal website so you can keep all your content but include product or service sales.


Once the shop is built there is no ongoing cost other than your payment providers fees. WooCommerce is ideal for new start ups, testing the water. Established businesses that want to include a few products or for service related businesses who would like to be able to sell service packages and take online payments.

EKM Powershop

EKM Powershop is a full ecommerce solution. Designed as a stand alone shop, EKM is great for those wanting to jump into online sales at an affordable level.


WooCreative is an approved EKM Partner, as such we have extra goodies we can offer on top of the fantastic system already available. Similar to WordPress, EKM has a pre-built architecture with multiple themes that can be applied to suit your branding and corporate style. We work with you to either assist or build your EKM store and get you online. EKM shops start from £35 a month which makes them a brilliant and cost effective way of getting your online shop out there. If you want the DIY option you can do that too, you can sign up here.

Other Services

To provide our clients with the best online service we can, we have teamed up with several other service providers to offer you some complimentary additional products. We have teamed up with Doofinder for advanced search, Fulfilment Crowd for order fulfilment, Are You Trade Fit for admin services and can even refer you to a specialist in sourcing from China if you want to bring products into the country or change your suppliers.